Species                                                                      Half Hides                     Full Hides       

 North American: 

  Small   (Price includes skinning)                                                   -------                                         $180.00
    (Bobcat, Raccoon, Coyote, etc)

  Medium                                                                                                $90.00                                        $180.00
   (Whitetail, Axis Deer, Black Buck, etc)      

 Large                                                                                             $17.50/sq. foot                           $17.50/sq. foot
   (Elk, Aoudad, Wildabeast, etc.)       

We do offer the option to get your hides tanned hair off and dyed the color of your choice.
Prices are the same as listed above. Please contact us for color choices.

Any other exotics, call for pricing. 
  Flat Hides