Species                                                                                             Prices


    -Skull Mount

            -European: 10 foot and under                                       $250    
            -European: Over 10 feet                                                   $300  
            -Freeze Dried (under 10 feet only)                              $200
            - Freeze Dried (Over 10 Feet)                                         $250

    -Head and Neck Mount                                                            $750+

    -Rug Mount                                                                              $245/foot

    -Full Body Mount                                                                   $450/foot

    -Other Options for your alligator include:
            Feet Wall Hangers (Curled):                                   $125 per pair
            Feet Bookends (Straight):                                        $115 per pair
            Soft Tan Hornback:                                                         $25/foot
            Claw Necklaces:                                                            $10.00 each
            Keychains from Claws or Hornback:                   $10.00 each


    -Full Body Mount                                                                 $11.50/inch
    -Tanning Snake Hides                                                             $3/inch

If the animal/mount you are looking for is not listed, 
feel free to call us and we will work for you.
***Prices are subject to change.***