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We put your trophies on your wall by performing top quality craftsmanship at an afforadable rate.

About our company...
We have been performing taxidermy since 2004 as a family-operated business located in Port Lavaca, Texas.  Throughout the years, together as a family we have spent countless hours in the great outdoors; fishing, hunting, observing, and respecting nature and its true beauty.  We all seemed to notice the flawless features, habits, and attitudes of each animal that the good Lord created.  Attempting to recreate the state of life in an animal is sometimes a daunting task, however this challenge seems to drive our business into our serious work ethic that we take so much pride in.  We know how important it is to get our customers' trophies to look as real as we possibly can so that they can enjoy and reminisce that special moment for many years to come.  

   We offer an extensive amount of different taxidermy services and products including but not limited to:  North American game, Local exotics, African Exotics, Upland Game birds, Waterfowl, Fish, Reptiles, Skull mounts, Shoulder mounts, Flat hides, Rugshells, Life size, Half Life size, Habitats, Key chains, Wallets/Money clips, Caps,  Fully customized solutions, etc...    

    Every project that leaves our shop is inspected by all of our family team to guarantee the quality of workmanship is at its best.  We will re-create your trophy to your desired position and specifications with utmost care.  We will often provide a follow up call during the mounting process to verify that there may not be any last minute decision changes.   Over the years of working in this industry many interesting questions have been thrown our way about animals and potential trophies.  One topic that is not discussed so much is PROPER FIELD CARE.  Almost any taxidermist will agree that this has to be one of the most important parts of the mounting/taxidermy process.  When harvesting an animal, it is very important to keep the animal at a very cool temperature.  Keeping the specimen cold will help to alleviate heat-induced bacteria which can cause major problems later in the mounting process.  We like to suggest that once your specimen has been harvested,  properly clean the animal if you can, take photos/field notes/etc..  and then try to transport the corpse/hide to a cold location.  Leaving the animal in a heated area for long periods of time or dragging the animal across the ground for long distances will pretty much ensure some type of damage to the specimen.  Please keep this in mind when harvesting your next trophy.  We enjoy listening to all of the customers' stories of moments and memories of their time in the outdoors and surely share their enthusiasm.  

We look forward to hearing yours as well...

-Taylor's Taxidermy Team
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